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Virtual/ Telehealth Therapeutic Services for Arizona, Michigan, and Florida residents

Jacquette Brown, MS, LPC-S Trauma Certified


The stress of life should never overshadow your joy and purpose. Therapy is an opportunity for you to have a supportive, confidential, and safe place to discuss your concerns, increase knowledge and self- awareness, and achieve resilience.


Our team of clinicians specialize in treating children, adults, and families using an eclectic approach in areas such as, grief and loss, self- esteem, behavioral problems, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, self-harming behaviors, parenting, family conflicts, adjustment disorder, bullying, and healing from abuse and trauma in urban and rural settings.


Let’s take a collaborative approach to support you in connecting with your own inner wisdom creating opportunities for healing your body, mind and spirit!

Our ideal client is YOU!


SSBH provides COUPLES THERAPY to help couples in intimate partner relationships gain insight, resolve conflict in a healthy manner, and improve emotional connection/ closeness.

SSBH provides FAMILY THERAPY sessions in
hopes to solve family problems, improve family relationships, and enhance communication to create a functioning system.

Thanks for taking the first step!

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